London SE1  already suffered major damage during the
1940-41 blitz and now it was badly affected by the V1 and V2
attacks.In total 21 V1's and 3 V2's exploded in the area which
killed about 199 people.
SE1 Borough Southwark and Bermondsey
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Type PostCode Oldborough Area Positioning Date Time Publish_text Deaths
V1 SE1 Bermondsey Bermondsey BetweenTooley Street and Queen Elizabeth Street 16/06/1944 05:26 No other details available 1
V1 SE1 Southwark Elephant Falmouth Road 16/06/1944 09:14 This V1 struck a factory in the Falmouth Road . The main area damaged was industrial buildings. 11
V1 SE1 Southwark Borough Borough High Street
junction with Great Dover Street
18/06/1944 00:25 Number 239 Borough High Street a post office was demolished. 7-13 Great Dover Street badly damaged. Swan Street and surrounding area about 200 buildings and houses were damaged. 5
V1 SE1 Southwark London Bridge Tooley st E of London Bridge 18/06/1944 03:56 A 7 floor building at Cotton Wharf badly damaged. Hayes Wharf also damaged. 1
V1 SE1 Southwark Southwark Union st Great Guildford st Junction 19/06/1944 22:04 This serious incident occurred when a V1 hit Union Street around the Guildford Street Junction area. 48 people were killed in the explosion. The V1 hit offices and workshops. Apart from severe damage to the buildings there was also flooding in the area due to a 36" Watermain being fractured. 49
V1 SE1 Lambeth Waterloo York Road by Waterloo Station 23/06/1944 09:36 The V1 destroyed general railway offices,2 air shafts an 8 car train. 100 feet of track were damaged and 5 sreets suffered severe blast damage across 400 yards square. This side of Waterloo station has been totally re-developed with post war office buildings. 6
V1 SE1 Southwark Borough Newington Causway junction with Borough Road 24/06/1944 06:52 Major damage to a 6 floor building used as offices. About 150 houses and other buildings damaged by blast and there were several small fires in the debris. 7
V1 SE1 Southwark Southwark Blackfriars Bridge Road junction with the Cut E side 25/06/1944 04:12 A 3 floor building collapsed and about 200 houses and other buildings were damaged in Blackfiars and neighbouring roads. This site is now on its 2nd post war re-development. Originally filled with a 1960's office building this has now been demolished and is being replaced with a comtemporary office development. 0
V1 SE1 Bermondsey Bermondsey Between Queen Elizabeth Street and Gainsford Street 01/07/1944 18:54 This serious incident occurred when the V1 expoded after hitting the Goat Public House which stood at 16, Queen Elizabeth Street. 18 people were killed
The pub was totally demolished. A 4 storey building (Horsleydown Mansions) used as 'model dwellings' was also severly damaged.
V1 SE1 Lambeth Waterloo Stamford St and Upper St 02/07/1944 04:36 6 floor building severley damaged. 150 houses and buildings damaged. 0
V1 SE1 Lambeth Lambeth Archbishops Park 04/07/1944 08:55 50 houses severley damaged by explosion and blast across a 250 yard square area. 2
V1 SE1 Bermondsey Bermondsey Lafone Street 05/07/1944 01:10 Severe damage to a 4 floor building use as a wholsale druggist. Offices in Queen Elizabeth Street severely damage. Other officices and stores in Lafone Street and Queen Elizabeth Street also badly damaged. 2 people were injured 0
V1 SE1 Lambeth Lambeth Rockingham Street Harper Road and adjoining 12/07/1944 17:19 The V1 Flying bomb hit Joseph Lancaster school. 200 houses and buildings damaged by blast and there was a small fire in the debris. 2
V1 SE1 Southwark Elephant Bath Terrace NE end and Dickens Square 13/07/1944 00:00 This V1 is shown on the bomb damage maps as having fallen at the NE end of Bath terrace. No corresponding records can be found in the Fire Brigade records so no further details are available.It is however confirmed by the casualty records found for that location on that day on the Commonwealth War Graves web site. 2
V1 SE1 Bermondsey London Bridge Whitesground 15/07/1944 13:48 The V1 struck the Whitesground estate in Whitesground. 7 people were killed
1 block of flats was largely destroyed and a further 1 badly damaged.
V1 SE1 Bermondsey Bermondsey Tower Bridge Road 16/07/1944 10:27 St Johns Church which had previoslyy suffered badly in the Blitz was further damaged. Model dwellings on the St Johnns Estate were also damage and there was a small fire. 2
V1 SE1 Dulwich/Camberwell Bermondsey Rolls Road 03/08/1944 07:20 School keepers house demolished, school and food store severe damage to surrounding property acorss a 200 yards sq area. 0
V1 SE1 Bermondsey London Bridge Snowfields East end 06/08/1944 04:41 This serious incident occurred when the V1 hit a 6 flloor block of flats in Snowfields. . As well as these flats the Guiness Buldings were also damaged. 4 floor shops and flats demolished at 8-21 Snowfields.In addition 100 other houses and buildings were damaged. 16
V1 SE1 Bermondsey Bermondsey Queen Elizabeth st & Tooley st 11/08/1944 07:38 A range of buildings of 1 and 2 floor used as garages offices and stores suffered severe damage. 3
V1 SE1 Bermondsey Bermondsey Riley Road Purbrook St 17/08/1944 06:22 17 houses were demolished at 41-61 and 4-54 Riley Road. 3 floor model dwellings demolished at 107-112 Riley Road. 100 houses in the vicinity were damaged. 11
V1 SE1 Bermondsey Bermondsey Great Dover St Spurgeon St junction 04/12/1944 17:30 V1 is on bomb damage maps but no other record is avaiable- there is a casualty in the Bermondsey book of war dead for this date in Great Dover Street. 1
V2 SE1 Southwark Southwark Lawson St/Great Dover 14/12/1944 17:17 Major V2 incident when the Virginia Plant pub was totally destroyed. 17
V2 SE1 Southwark Southwark Borough High Street 22/01/1945 17:14 This serious Rocket attack was in Borough High Street Near the junction with Marshalsea Road The main impact point was at Borough High Street. 35 people were killed in the offices and workshops that occupied the site. There was a small fire in the debris.About 200 shops and other buildings were damaged by blast. For some reasons this V2 is not on the bomb damage maps but I have seen the details confirmed in numerous sources. 35
V2 SE1 Bermondsey Bermondsey Parkers Row 02/03/1945 23:10 55-60 & 54 Parkers Row 6 shops and flats demolished. 30 shops and flats and 60 houses, a fire station, badly damaged.Holy Trinity Church dockhead which had been previously blitzed was demolished. There was a relatively shallow crater but damage extended 500 yards in each direction. The 3 dead were priests who were in the priests house of the church. It was also reported that one of the rescuers worked upside down at great peril to himself for some hours whilst he tried to free victims from the demolished buildings. 3