The small SE4 postcode was badly damaged by 17 V1
Flying bombs and 5 V2 Rockets. As a result at least 92
people died.
SE4 Brockley
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Brockley rise 1944 - the road was
damaged by V1's and V2's on
repeated occasions
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Type PostCode Oldborough Area Positioning Date Time Publish_text Deaths
V1 SE4 Lewisham Brockley Brockley Road near end of Whitbread Road
East end
16/06/1944 02:30 This was the first of 5 V1's that were to fall in a small area of Brockley causing extensive damage. . Much re-development around the Whitbread Road/Brockley Road Junction is apparent.- its also caused major damage to the Mortuary chapel in Brockley cemetry 0
V1 SE4 Lewisham Brockley Dalrymple Road/Brockley Road junction 19/06/1944 22:06 The second of 5 V1's to fall in a concentrated area of Brockley. Numbers 2-34 Dalrymple Road and 5-15 Beechcroft Road suffered severe damage. There was extensive damage to surrounding property in Whitbread Road,Howson Road,Comerford Road,Merritt Road,Brockley Road,Hazledon Road,Holdenby Road. Extensive post-war re-development is apparent at this point. 1
V1 SE4 Lewisham Brockley Ewhurst Road
(Crofton Park Road/Sevenoaks Road junction)
23/06/1944 02:15 Extensive damage to properties in Ewhurst Road, Crofton Park Road,Salehurst Road,Stilness Road,Manwood Road,Glynde Road,Bexhill Road,Brightling Road,Sevenoaks Road,Otford Crescent,Horsmondon Road 3
V1 SE4 Deptford Brockley Endwell Road Railway bridge/Brockley Cross 24/06/1944 07:23 6 shops were severely damaged. All property in the boundaries of Geoffrey Road,Upper brockley Road,Vulcan Road,Vest Road,Sprules Road,Drakefell Road and Mantle Road slightly damaged 2
V1 SE4 Lewisham Brockley Junction Avignon and Aspinall Road 29/06/1944 22:27 It is recorded that 1-39 and 10-40 Avignon Road were demolished,2-8 severely damaged. Property in area bounded by St Asaphs Road,Ivydale Road,Finland Road,Revelon Road damaged. 3
V1 SE4 Lewisham Brockley Braxfield Road/Commerford Road 03/07/1944 08:40 The 3rd of 5 V1's that were to fall in an already devastated part of Brockley. .59-73 and 6-76 Braxfield Road Severely damaged
43-57,4--58 Braxfield damaged
1a-41,2-40 Braxfield Road/35-325 Brockely Road/280-308 Brockley Road/30-32 Dalrymple Road/1-33 Howson Road/Slightly Damaged.
26-80 Hoswon Road Damaged.
V1 SE4 Lewisham Brockley Frensbury Road junction with St Norberts Road 06/07/1944 03:50 Nine blocks of flats severely damaged and surrounding property in the boundaries of Brockley Way Turnham Road St Noberts Road slightly damaged . 0
V1 SE4 Lewisham Brockley Junction Breakspeare Road/Harefield Road NE quadrant 06/07/1944 14:34 It is reported that
"1-77 & 79 Breakspere Road Severely damage
88-130/81-91/60-86/61-79/93-147 Breakspeare Road Damaged
29-59/42-58 Breakspeare Road slight damaged
St Peter Church Hall 87-97Cranfield Road slight damaged
37-63/63-82 Wickham Road slightly damaged
40-110 25-79 Tressillian Road Slightly damaged
2-16-1-13 Tressillian Crescent Slightly damaged
1-11 /2-16 Drake Road Slightly damaged
V1 SE4 Lewisham Brockley Turnham Road 11/07/1944 13:07 This V1 struck in Turnham Road close to one 5 days earlier and causing further damage to the same blocks of flats. No deaths are recorded. The area of blast extended to Brockley Way, Turnham Road and St Norberts Road 0
V1 SE4 Lewisham Brockley North side Hilly fields by Crescent 15/07/1944 15:48 "The Homestead" Hilly fields cres severe damage
8 houses in Hilly fields cres severe damage
5 houses in Hillyfields cres damaged
112 houses in Cliffview rd,Trywhitt rd, Tressillan cres, Crescent way, Montague ave slight damage. The post war rebuilding houses is Hillyfields Crescent can clearly be seen
V1 SE4 Lewisham Brockley Whitbread Road East end 18/07/1944 04:56 The 4th of 5 V1's to strike the already badly Whitebread Road area of Brockley. .7 houses demolished and 40 severe damage 40 houses damaged in Whitbread rd
6 demolished and 20 severe damage 20 damaged in Comerford
2 severe damage in Brockely Road
Catholic church and school damaged in Howson rd. The area shows extensive signs of post war re-development
V1 SE4 Deptford Brockley Whitbread Road Road 19/07/1944 08:40 The 5th of 5 V1's that fell on this shattered part of Brockley. It struck at a similar point to the one the previous day. There was further damage to Whitbread Road,Comerford Road,Brockley Road,Howson Road,Dalrympe Road. 0
V1 SE4 Lewisham Brockley Arica Road Halfway down 27/07/1944 21:35 A 3 inch water main and sewer were badly damaged. Property in St Norberts Road,Brockley Crescens and St asaphs Road were slightly damaged.Property In Arica Road Badly damaged 0
V1 SE4 Deptford Brockley Half way along Cranfield Road by Railway 27/07/1944 17:56 2 houses demolished and 20 severe damage in Cranfield Road 10 houses severe damage in GeoffreyRoad
Property in Cranfield Road Geofrey Road Brockley Cross Manor rd,Wickham rd damaged
V1 SE4 Lewisham Brockley Guys Hospital Athletic Groundf 27/07/1944 15:25 A pavilion and grand stand were damaged. Properties bounded by Stilness Road, Crofton Park\Road,Stendon Road,SevenoaksRoad were damaged. 0
V1 SE4 Lewisham Brockley LBSCR Railway by Brockley Way (was footpath then) 02/08/1944 08:34 Railway embankment demolished and 1 x 4 floor block of flats and one surface shelter damaged. Surrounding property in Turnham rd,Brockley Way, St Norberts Rd ,slight damage 0
V1 SE4 Deptford Brockley North End Endwell Road 16/08/1944 18:32 .6 houses demolished 45 damaged rail embankment damaged surrounding property in Vesta rd,sprules rd,millmark grove,brockley cross slight damage 9
V2 SE4 Lewisham Brockley Adelaide Avenue corner of Eastern Road 17/09/1944 18:56 This was the first of 5 V2 rockets that struck SE4 causing grave loss of life. 14 people were killed and 29 seriously injured. 5 members of the same family died in the same house. The blast area can clearly be seen today indicated by the footprint of post-war re-development at this point. 14
V2 SE4 Lewisham Brockley Between Finland and Revelon Road 02/02/1945 08:22 This extremely serious incident happened when the V2 rocket fell in the gardens between Finland Road and Revelon Road. 20 houses were demolished and 30 suffered severe damage.The dead in this attack included 5 members of the same family. The damage extended to an area bounded by Revelon Road, Accacia Road,Mantle Road, Avignon Road. The area of the blast damage is clearly seen as the line of housing in Finland and Revelon Roads isinterrupted by a post war school site 34
V2 SE4 Lewisham Brockley Marnock Road Brockley Grove Junction 11/02/1945 22:00 Demolished 26 houses….14 dead 69 injured….train lost all its windows as it was travelling through Crofton park station.
Area bounded by Darfield rd,Brockley rd,Brockley grove,Brockley Hall rd,Bearsted rise,Horsmonden rd,Sevenoaks rd,Crofton park rd…slight damage. Extensive post war re-building can be seen around this point.
V2 SE4 Deptford Brockley Wickham Road by S side Wickham Gardens 11/03/1945 20:04 8 houses demolished and 70 severely damaged in Wickham Road,and Brockley Road.4 houses demolished 20 severe damaged in Wickham gardens
100 houses slight damage in Breakspear and Harefield rds
60 houses slight damage in Cranfield Road
3 shops and 4 houses slight damage in Caulgate st
6 shops 80 houses slight damage in Foxberry Road
40 houses slight damage in Harecort rd
6 shops and 100 houses slight damage in Brockley rd. The are bounded by Wickham Gardens,Brockley Road and Wickham Road has been completely re-developed as a housing estate. The effect of the V2 is starkly illustrated in Wickham gardens where the original Victorian houses remain on the North Side but on the damaged south side they have been totally replaced by 1960's flats.
V2 SE4 Lewisham Brockley Crofton Park Station 23/03/1945 02:20 This V2 airburst over Crofton Park station. Debris was scattered widely and a fire was caused at the station by either an alcohol or peroxide tank. pArt of the station roof was damaged. 0
As was common with other parts of London the Flying bombs had a  tendency to cluster in small
areas resulting in a high degree of damage. The west side of
Brockley Road from Beechcroft to
Arabin Road was very seriously damaged. 5 flying bombs fell in this small area. London SE4 was
also to suffer 5 V2 Rockets attacks and 4 of these were to result in serious loss of life. The worst
was at
Finland Road on the 2nd February 1945 when 34 people were killed. Other serious
incidents occurred at
Adelaide Avenue on the 17th September (14 dead), Marnock Road on the
11th February (14 dead) and
Wickham road on the 11th March (9 dead). Many parts of SE4 were
seriously damaged  leaving few undamaged buildings on the length of Brockley Road from
Crofton Park Station to the Northern limit of the postcode past
Endwell Road. Other serious
incidents occurred just outside the area on SE14 and SE8 (New Cross and Deptford).The death
rate per missile n SE4 was  4.00. Many parts of Brockley still betray the scars of the period. In
particular in the Whitebread Road area much post war development is apparent. At
Avenue a housing estate defines the extent of the blast area,at Finland Road Meadowgate school
occupies the site