Lewisham endured numerous V1  attacks. The worst occurred when a Flying Bomb exploded on the roof of an Air Raid
Shelter outside Woolworth's in the High Street
The V1 struck the crowded Lewisham town centre (outside current "Lewisham centre" on map )at 09.41 on Friday the
28th July 1944. It exploded in the crowded market area after impacting on the roof of a street level air raid shelter outside  
Marks and Spencer's.
Major damage was caused to the shops which also include Woolworth's and Sainsburies and devastation was caused to the
market at this point,
59 people died in this tragedy and a further 124 were very seriously injured.  Hundreds of others suffered less serious injury.
Casualties occurred in the shops, in the basement café of Woolworth's and on passing buses. The Post Office was also
badly damaged. This was the worst single V1 incident in South London.  The blast area was particularly large and extended
Up to 600 yards in each direction. This is probably indicative of the larger and more powerful warheads that were used by
the Nazis later in the attacks.In total about 100 shops were very badly damaged and flats,shops and houses suffered varying
degrees of damage across a wide area. The High Street in this point was completely re-built after the war on both side of
the road.
Lewisham Market 28th July 1944
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