Doug Wordsworth Road Penge
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there(no. 24 and no. 75), I used to walk that way to school frequently.We were bombed out of 6, Phoenix Road, Penge
in for the flying bombs. My father was in the ARP from March 1939 (Warden`s Post in Station Road, Penge) until he
was called up for army service in September 1941, being demobbed in March 1946.;My first recollection of the flying
bombs was waking up one night to The sound of the air raid warning and, whilst getting dressed, hearing what I thought
was an aeroplane approaching. It sounded unusual but I thought it was an aeroplane with engine trouble. The engine
stopped and soon there was a loud bang. I still thought it was an aeroplane that had got into difficulties and crashed. It
wasn't until some time later that I realised I had heard my first flying bomb.I remember the flying bomb that fell in the
Crampton Road, Penge area.I was actually in no 8 Phoenix Road at the time. I could tell it was getting pretty close by
the noise of the engine so I got into the Morrison Shelter.When it seemed to be overhead the engine cut out and after a
short delay there of smoke rising which I estimated was near the railway tunnel entrance on the Penge East to Victoria
line. It was subsequently announced at school morning assembly (Beckenham and PengeCountyGrammar School for
Boys, now the site of Kentwood Adult Education Centre) by the Headmaster, John White, that one of the boys had
died as a result of this 90,Crampton Road, on 22nd June 1944, died the same day at Beckenham Hospital. This
information was extracted from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Web Site.;I also remember being out on
my bicycle one day when a v2 rocket fell. cycled off in the general direction of the smoke to look for it, and found it in
the Cator Park Area, a group of people were already gathered around the crater. It had fallen into a sports field and if
my memory serves me correct it was the Cyphers Cricket Ground in Kings Hall Road, Beckenham. The crater seemed
huge to me especially as it had fallen into soft earth. I remember thinking at the time, you could probably get a couple of
double decker buses in there. I also remember that some of the metal fragments from the rocket were still warm.