Type PostCode Oldborough Area Positioning Date Time Publish_text Deaths
V1 SE13 Lewisham Hither Green Nightingale Grove
by Hither Green station

No further details available
V1 SE13 Lewisham Ladywell East end of Brocklebank Road by railway

No further details available
V1 SE13 Lewisham Lewisham George Lane/Springrice lane junction 16/06/1944 05:00 No further details available 0
V1 SE13 Lewisham Lewisham Lewisham Park
NW corner
16/06/1944 13:29 No further details available 3
V1 SE13 Lewisham Ladywell Junction Algernon and Brocklebank Road SW Quadrant 17/06/1944 01:48 1-40 brookbank road severe
Damage in Branscome st,Bertrand st, algernon road,ellersdale road,porson street, vian road, marsala road ermine st, ladycroft road, shell road mill road.
V1 SE13 Lewisham Lewisham Between Lewisham Hill/Granville Park/Walerand Road 17/06/1944 21:41 School at Walerand road demolished
houses at 1-47 & 2-28 Lewisham Hill 1-11 & 12-24 Elliot Park,1-11 & 24-82 Walerand Road,1-89 &24-82 Granville Park 1-4 Princes rise,122 to 202 & 157 to 171 Lewisham road damaged by blast
V1 SE13 Lewisham Lee Dermody road/Leehurst Road junction SW quadrant 17/06/1944 23:28 1-100 Leahurst road severe damage
damage in Ennersdale rd,pascoe rd,eastdown rd, wisteria road, dermody rd, clarendon rd,longhurst rod, ennersdale rd,nighingale grove,knowles hill,hither green lane,rycroft road
V1 SE13 Lewisham Lewisham Springbank Road 23/06/1944 07:15 90-128 Springbank Road severe damage.
Much damage in Springbank,Ardmere,Brightside,Ethruda,Mallett,Duncreivie,Wellmeadow,Torridon ,Ardgown,Blashford,Benin,Hither Green Lane,Minard Road
V1 SE13 Lewisham Hither Green Fernbrook Road by Hither Green Station 23/06/1944 07:35 No further details available 2
V1 SE13 Lewisham Lee Mercator Road/Lee High road 23/06/1944 08:25 No further details available 7
V1 SE13 Lewisham Lewisham Granville Park/Lewisham Way 26/06/1944 02:07 railway truck and timber buidings damaged
Buildings severely damaged at Colfes Grammar schoolShops and houses slightly damaged in the Lewisham Way (2-16 1-25) Cressingham Road and St Stephens Road (1-24) also St Stephens Church and 165-177 Lewisham Road Slightly damaged.
V1 SE13 Lewisham Lee Mercator Road 29/06/1944 00:00 No further details available 1
V1 SE13 Lewisham Lewisham Malyons Road 29/06/1944 02:03 Lewisham Hospital blocks a b and c slightly damaged
176-288 Malyons Road damaged
21-117 Malyons,16-170 Malyons,1-101, Chudleigh,2-100 Chudleigh,1-73 Abercore Crescent,,2-130Abercore Crescent,1-57 Medusa Road,2-40 Medusa Road,97-141 Silvermere Road,106-158 Silveremere Road,119-149 Brookdale Road,102 to 136, Brookdale Road,64-83 Bradgate Road,50-70 Bradgate Road,2-90 Hawstead Road,1-75 Hawstead Road,4-48 blaydon Road,5-49 Blaydon Road,1-52 Felday Road,2-63 Felday Road.all Slight damage.
V1 SE13 Lewisham Lee Blessington Road 30/06/1944 00:59 4 houses partially demolished in Blessington
22 severley damaged in Blessington
17 severely damage in Belmont Park
21 damage in Belmont Hill
8 damage in Brandram Road
4 damaged in Church Terrace
V1 SE13 Lewisham Lewisham Cressingham Road 03/07/1944 16:49 No further details available 0
V1 SE13 Lewisham Ladywell Ladywell Road 03/07/1944 20:20 Fly on ladywell institution (again)
E & F block slight damage
80 houses damaged and 200 slight damage in Ladywell rd,ewhurst rd,manwood rd,brighling rd,bexhill rd,rushford rd,glynde st,chudleigh rd 20 injured
V1 SE13 Lewisham Lee Blessington Road,Marishcal Road,Lee High Road 08/07/1944 21:34 49,51,44,46 Blessington Demolished
64,57,48,50 Blessington severely damaged
39,41,59,61 Blessington damaged
51,55,57 Marischal rd damaged
31,47,59,61,28,44 Marischal rd slightly damaged
102,110,89,91,95,97 Lee High Road, slightly damaged
V1 SE13 Lewisham Lewisham Elmira Street on bend 09/07/1944 00:56 41,27,29,33,35,37,39-43,45, + the Royal oak PH Loampit vale severley damaged
51,53-59,14-38 Loampit vale damaged
3-9 Elmira st Severely damaged
37-39 Elmira st damaged
3-48 Mill Road damaged
Elmira st school damaged
Area bounded by Bertram St,Algernon Rd,Brookbank rd, Mill Road, Molesworth st, Horton st, Jerrard St Slightly damaged
V1 SE13 Lewisham Ladywell Vicars Hill Veda Road junction NW Quadrant 10/07/1944 14:23 2-20 Veda road severely damaged
22-32 Veda rd ,34-50,1-47 Veda rd damage
1-47 Veda rd, 1-83 Algiers rd,2-56 Algiers rd, 1-39 Vicars hill,2-50 Vicars Hill ,67-97 Ermine Road, : Slight damaged
80-100 Ermine rd 71-135 68-126 Embleton Road,189-259 Algernon Road,170-228 Algernon rd,1-21 and 2-20 Gillian st slight damage
V1 SE13 Lewisham Hither Green Springman Road/Wellmeadow Road N end 17/07/1944
No further details available 0
V1 SE13 Lewisham Ladywell Between Algernon and Marsala Road 17/07/1944 04:44 0 demolished 24 damaged and 104 slight damage in Algernnonj Road
9 houses demolished 25 damaged and 46 slight damage in Marsala Road
V1 SE13 Lewisham Ladywell Ladywell Road 21/07/1944 05:51 a boiler house severe damage at ladywell institution
Fuel shed ,curch,laundry,staff sleeping quarters and A & B blocks damaged.
8 houses damaged, 12 houses slight damage in Malyon Road
12 houses damaged 16 slight damage in Chudleigh Road
14 houses slight damage in Arthurdon Road
10 houses slight damage in Gordonbrock Road
V1 SE13 Lewisham Lewisham Lewisham Hospital 26/07/1944 04:48 3 floor hospital ward building severe damage 1 floor laundry,dispensay,offices severe damage, Other bldns damaged. 5
V1 SE13 Lewisham Lewisham Hither Green Lane/Thornwood Road junction NW quad 27/07/1944 01:41 102 hither green lane..builders materials damaged 4 lorries severe damage
5 timber shed bldns, 1 brick blngs, 8 lean toes severe damage
Spotted Cow PH 11 shops and flats and 22 houses severe damage
24 houses damaged in Thornford Road
V1 SE13 Lewisham Ladywell Vicars Hill /Ermine Road junction SE quadrant 27/07/1944 02:06 2 houses demolished 8 severe damage in Ermine Road + 16 damaged
2 houses demolished and 14 severe damage (some previously damage) in Vicars Hill
Damage increased from previous damage in Veda Road and Embleton Road
V1 SE13 Lewisham Ladywell Muding Road Shell Road and Ladycroft Road 27/07/1944 17:52 4 houses demolished and 18 severe damage in Shell Road
5 demolished and 18 severe damage in Muding Road
26 houses severe damage in Ladycroft
Property in area Shell rd,muding rd,overcliff rd,brookbank rd ladycroft rd, damaged.
V1 SE13 Lewisham Lewisham Lewisham High Street 28/07/1944 09:41 V1 Exploded on roof of street shelter in Lewisham Market outside Woolworths & M&Sand Sainsburies. Many of the dead in Woolworths basement Café. Particularly wide spread blast damage up to 600 yards radius
59 killed 124 seriously injured.

2 floor chain store, severe damage,(m&S) Sanders & co jewellers severe damage,post office severe damage,bus severe damage,40 shops,flats and offices including Burtons, freeman hardy willis,lilley and skinner,sainsbury,dolcis,The albion PH,Barlcays Bank,RACS, Chesimans severe damage.27 shops and flats damaged in lewis grove.18 shops and flats damaged in lee high road.
V1 SE13 Lewisham Lewisham Algernon Road 02/08/1944 06:28 3 houses demolished and 16 severe damage in Algernon road
14 houses severe damage in Embleton rd. All properties in area Algernon rd,Embleton rd,ellerdale st,brookbank rd--previous damage and damage increased
V1 SE13 Lewisham Lewisham Mordon Grove Mortham Street 03/08/1944 01:00 *8 houses demolished and 60 severe damage ,40 damaged,14 slight damage in Mordon Hill,Mortom and Conington 5
V1 SE13 Lewisham Lewisham Nuding Road 03/08/1944 04:04 20 houses demolished previous damage to surrounding property increased injured 0
V1 SE13 Lewisham Lewisham Mordon Grove 03/08/1944 06:54 10 houses demolished 12 severe damage 20 slight damage in Mordon grove
buildings houses and contents slight damage at Albion hill, lewisham rd, st johsn court,mordon terrace school,st johns hospital.
V2 SE13 Lewisham Hither Green Hither Green sidings 03/11/1944 04:40
V2 SE13 Lewisham Lewisham Lewisham Road 12/12/1944 17:15 12/12 Lewisham road…..morden terrace school….. 17.15..caretakes wife killed 1
V2 SE13 Lewisham Lewisham Unknown 02/01/1945 10:05 No further data available 0