On the 8th March 1945 at 11.30 a V2 Struck Smithfield Market. This was the building which stood on the corner of
Charterhouse Street and Farringdon Road
The Rocket penetrated to the railway tunnels which lie beneath this area and were originally used as sidings for the
market.  There was a huge explosion which was heard all over London and the market buildings then collapsed into the
void below. A massive crater formed filled with the rubble of the devastated buildings. The market was very busy at this
time with both market workers and those queuing for produce. Many of the victims of this V2 fell through the floor of the
market into the railway below. In all 110 people were to die in this attack and numerous more were seriously injured.
There were many women and children amongst the dead who had gone to the market to try and obtain one of a
consignment of rabbits that had gone on sale this dreadful death toll occurred only two weeks before the end of the V2
strikes. Today there is no trace of the Victorian market buildings that stood at this point. They have been replaced by a
typical 1960's office block.
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