The Aldwych was packed with people out on their lunch hours when the V1 struck. Others were at their desks and some
of the girls from the Air ministry were sunbathing on the roof. The modern steel frame buildings stood up well to the blast
and indeed much of it was absorbed by the blast wall outside the Air Ministry. This though, would have caused the blast to
channel down the street rather than dissipating in collapsing buildings .The blast wave from the V1 was Murderous.
Numerous people in the street were mown down and killed or maimed, more died in the ruins of buses  and the girls on the
Air ministry roof also perished. Some workers at the Air Ministry were sucked out of office windows by the blast and
vacuum and perished. It is normally accepted that 48 people lost their lives at the Aldwych with 200 serious injuries. I
have  seen other reference's to 198 deaths and it may be possible that the number was concealed as many would have
been government officials or service personnel.
Looking up The
Aldwych from corner
of Kingsway with Ad
Astral house on the
The V1 cut out somewhere over Waterloo station and went into a steep dive. It exploded in the street just outside the Air
Ministry at Ad Astral House in the Aldwych ,opposite the BBC at Bush House.  For a weapon that (apparently ) couldn't be
targeted well the Luftwaffe had hit two pretty prime targets,first the Guards chapel in the middle of Whitehall and now the
Air Ministry building.
The Aldwych
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The Aldywch 18th June 1944
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